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Multione UK Paging System
WAFA Build and operate a private paging system with more than 10000 users all over Abu Dhabi ,Mainly for the Oil and Gas, Hospitals applications; and the number of users will exceed 15000 by the end of 2012. We are the representative in Middle East for Multione UK.

Paging allows callers to forward information to anyone with a pager and within the system coverage boundaries. System users can directly page people via the telephone system or through a dispatch message center. Paging information will be either, a tone only page, a voice page or a display page.

Pagers are very reliable and message delivery is fast(less than 30 seconds). This is because the paging network coverage tends to be greater than mobile networks(typically 98% of the population are covered) and paging networks do not experience congestion problems suffered by the mobile phone networks.  

Paging message devices became an avoidable system in Oil & Gas, Hospitals and other areas where mobile phones are restricted. So is a Safe way to communicate with the staff. Paging provides a lower cost solution to messaging and communications  

A3K Compact Plus:
A3K Compact is a desktop paging system that is simple and easy to use, yet with its powerful expansion options it can be enhanced to become a fully integrated wireless messaging solution, adding a totally new dimension to the way you communicate. It is the smallest paging system which can accommodate 300 users.
A3K5000 system can accommodate a maximum of 5000 users. The System is fully redundant with a Hot Swap standby which will ensure no missing calls with any fault in the running system by automatically switching over to the standby system.