High Speed Satellite Broadband Internet in Juba ( South Sudan )

High Speed Satellite Broadband Internet for Juba ( South Sudan )

Sudan's telecommunications infrastructure is at quiet a low level due to bad economic situation and internal conflicts. Many villages in the southern part of Sudan are totally cut off from the modern world in total isolation.

Wafa has launched the all new Ka band satellite broadband internet services into Sudan from October 2012. These services can provide high speed satellite internet into Juba and many other regions in South Sudan and all other parts of Sudan.

Not only does Ka band make internet via satellite affordable in Sudan but also changes the way the entire communications industry is poised in that region.

YahClick is the all new Ka band satellite broadband covering entire Sudan from North to Juba ( South Sudan). YahClick makes it all simple and affordable !

For clients with even more high-end broadband demands we can even provide our solutions on C-Band.


C Band  Coverage


Ka Band  Coverage


YahClick , offered via Yahsat's Y1B Satellite, is cost-effective and high-speed satellite broadband services covering 28 countries in Africa, Middle East and South West Asia.

Even in areas of heavy rainfall, the technology will adjust the power required to ensure the link is maintained, not lost or disrupted, delivering a highly reliable service.

iDirect Evolution C Band Services for Sudan & Juba ( South Sudan )

We offer our C-Band Services on 2 premium satellites : Amos-5 and Eutelsat W2A , Covering entire Africa and hence Sudan. C-Band is an ideal solution for satellite internet connectivity where rainfall is very heavy and dense as well – such as Africa.

We have a full range of services to cater for all such regions using both iDirect Evolution X1 and/or X3 modems. We even offer free upgrades from the older iDirect 3100 to the X1 / X3 platform*.

*Free Hardware on Selected Packages
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