High Speed Satellite Broadband Internet in South Africa

Fast Satellite Broadband Internet for South Africa - With Free Hardware*

Wafa offer Ka band satellite broadband internet solutions covering entire South Africa,  on Hughes HN platform using the Hylas 2 satellite footprint coverage. The services are available in all major cities and around like Pretoria, Johannesburg, Vereeniging,etc.

Ka band technology over South Africa makes high speed satellite broadband possible with a small dish size from only 74 to 98 Cms.

South Africa Ka Band Coverage


In many parts of South Africa the current telecommunications infrastructure still cannot provide reliable and consistent high speed internet which is very important and crucial in some sectors. With Freedomsat Ka band this is no longer an issue anymore!


Satellite Broadband Resellers wanted in South Africa

Would you like to partner with the best providers of satellite internet services? We are looking for resellers throughout South Africa to partner with to offer our worldwide VSAT services? Click here to find out more about reselling opportunities.
Freedomsat offers Ka-band satellite internet using HughesNet in a range of market segments including military, retail, hospitality, emergency communications, rural broadband, telemedicine, and distance education. The technology is perfect for any bandwidth intense application from consumer to enterprises.

Hughes leads the industry with almost 600,000 HughesNet Ka band satellite internet subscribers in North America. With FreedomSat we extend the Ka-band coverage into South Africa, Zimbabwe, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Middle East and Africa.

*Free Hardware on Selected Packages
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