Ka band Satellite Internet Services – Africa, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Middle East

Ka band Satellite Internet Services – FreedomSat, YahClick and tooway

Ka band is the latest technology in satellite broadband industry whereby satellite broadband can be provided with speeds way beyond current Ku and C Band technologies and costs being as low as terrestrial broadband service. The high bandwidth available in the Ka spectrum and frequency re-use capabilities across multiple beams enables the delivery of more capacity at faster speeds to smaller dishes and thus opening the door to faster speeds at lower costs for more users.

The ever increasing demand for broadband is rapidly exhausting the available capacity of existing Ku-band satellites. Government, large and small enterprises increasingly depend on media-rich applications to grow their businesses and need high-bandwidth applications to deliver services to their citizens. Today's consumers all want to watch movies, make VoIP phone calls, and browse the Web simultaneously at the same time.

Ka-band technology is now making all this possible over satellite, almost globally to areas that lack access to terrestrial broadband service, or can’t get Ku-band services because the spectrum is saturated.

WAFA provide Ka band satellite internet solutions over : Africa, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Middle East and Europe.

In Africa we cover the following countries : Nigeria, Angola, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and South Africa.

In Middle East we cover the following countries : Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Syria, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, and Yemen.

We also have full Ka band coverage over : Turkey, Pakistan, Georgia and complete Europe.

We are currently providing Ka band services on 3 satellites ( Hylas-2, Yahsat Y1B and Eutelsat Ka-9 ) and details can be seen on our coverage section.

Typical Ka band VSAT terminals used are : Hughes, iDirect and ViaSat's tooway.

Hylas 2 Ka band Satellite - Hylas-2 at 31° East
Eutelsat Ka band Satellite - Ka Sat at 9° East

Our Ka band solutions are for :

  • Deployed military personnel in Afghanistan or Iraq
  • Residential users
  • Corporate users for their regular internet, VPN and/or VoIP.
  • ISPs to provide bandwidth in rural remote locations using IP trunking from us.
  • NGOs

Let us know where you're exactly located and we will get back to you at the earliest to let you know if Ka band satellite internet solutions are available over your region and what service packages can be offered.
Freedomsat offers Ka-band satellite internet using HughesNet in a range of market segments including military, retail, hospitality, emergency communications, rural broadband, telemedicine, and distance education. The technology is perfect for any bandwidth intense application from consumer to enterprises.

Hughes leads the industry with almost 600,000 HughesNet Ka band satellite internet subscribers in North America. With FreedomSat we extend the Ka-band coverage into Afghanistan, Africa, Libya, Iraq & Middle East.

FreedomSat - Freedom HN - Hughes 9200 Ka Band satellite internet

*Free Hardware on Selected Packages
We are the first to offer satellite broadband internet using Ka band technology with the iDirect platform using both X1 and X3 terminals. Ka Band coverage with the iDirect is only over Afghanistan, Iraq and Middle East regions, on Hylas 2 Satellite.

iDirect - Satellite broadband internet - Ka, Ku & C Band - Global Coverage

*Free Hardware on Selected Packages
YahClick - Ka Band Satellite Internet - via Wafa - Sudan, Africa, South Africa, Saudi Arabia & Middle East
YahClick , offered via Yahsat's Y1B Satellite, is cost-effective and high-speed satellite broadband services covering 28 countries in Africa, Middle East and South West Asia.

Even in areas of heavy rainfall, the technology will adjust the power required to ensure the link is maintained, not lost or disrupted, delivering a highly reliable service.
YahClick - YahSat Y1B Satellite - Ka band coverage map

tooway Ka band services

tooway satellite broadband delivers super fast and affordable internet access using Ka band technology across Middle East, Iraq, North Africa and Europe with broadband speeds up to 18 Mbps x 6 Mbps.

ka band satellite broadband over Europe, North Africa

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New Ka band internet coverage:


The advantages of Ka band are :

  • Small dish size.
  • Low terminal costs.
  • Very high speeds.
  • Very low service charges.
  • Better coverage.
  • Lower latencies.
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