VSAT FAQs - latency, spoofing, shared / dedicated bandwidth

How VSATs Work

Satellite internet is truly the better choice

With our Satellite Internet services, you have a permanent 2-way connection to the Internet that will save many hours delay in logging-on, downloading large files, surfing the web, downloading e-mail and waiting for your connection to respond. Because your connection is permanent, e-mail will arrive straight in your inbox and you will never get a 'busy signal' when trying to connect. Because the system uses no telephone lines you also never need to worry about missing calls when you are online or clocking up large telephone call charges. br />
All you need is a discrete box and a small satellite dish connected to your computer or network. Details of the particular equipment for each service can be found in the relevant requirements descriptions under Products & Services. Our packages all bill according to grade of service, and invoice on a monthly basis.

We or our local agent will arrange installation and provide all the support you need. No waiting for a contractor to come and dig up the road and install your cable. No falling out with neighbours over the disruption. No risk of a repair crew accidentally cutting you off whilst fixing a water leak. No waiting for telephone services to reach remote locations. No reconnection problems when you relocate. It really couldn't be simpler.

How VSATs Work

Clients using 2-way Satellite Internet service connect to the internet via an earth station consisting of a parabolic microwave antenna - a satellite dish with receiving and transmitting capabilities. The earth station sends and receives signals to a satellite in geostationary orbit around the earth. The satellite communicates with another earth station which is connected to the Internet. 2-way satellite communication means no other terrestrial links are required - no phone line needed.

VSAT Systems use a satellite connection as a high-speed digital link between a customers location and the Network Operation Centre (NOC). The data travels from the satellite equipment at the customers location to the satellite, and then to the teleport for routing to the Internet.

Proprietary acceleration and advanced spoofing technology is employed to provide IP transparency and increase throughput speed. Spoofing is what makes the service capable of very high speeds.