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Yahclick - Ka Band Satellite Internet Services

YahClick is Ka band based high speed satellite broadband internet services from Yahsat covering 28 countries in Africa, Middle East and South West Asia.

In Africa, the internet is a make or break in many situations these days with limited access and expensive rates that abounds just to receive the best Internet connection.

Via YahClick users can now experience: strong, secured, reliable, and fast Internet connection at all times with as much as minor interference and almost zero service disturbance and available at affordable rates to Africans.

YahClick is a cost-effective, high-speed satellite broadband service that allows instant Internet connection even in remote parts of Africa anywhere by using small satellite dish and satellite modem.

YahClick Happy Users

Hughes HN9260 – Only for YahClick Home Service Plans

Hughes HN9260
The Hughes HN9260 is a high-performance broadband satellite router. The HN9260 supports the Hughes On-Demand Streaming feature that, when enabled by the operator, allows the HN9260 to act as a SIP call proxy so that Constant Bit Rate (CBR) bandwidth is allocated per individual call, resulting in very high-quality voice traffic.
HNS9260 Complete Hardware Kit with 1W BUC and
74 Cms Dish – US$ 459
98 Cms Dish – US$ 559

Hughes HN9460 – for YahClick Business and Home Service Plans

Hughes HN9460
The Hughes HN9460 is a high-throughput satellite router with advanced adaptive LDPC coding. Through the combination of adaptive LDPC coding and a powerful processor, the HN9460 supports upstream burst rates of 3.6 Mbps !

To enable superior end-user performance, the HN9460 includes a full set of integrated Wide Area Network (WAN) optimization features. Accelerated TCP and HTTP performance features, including HTTP pre-fetch (objects are locally cached on the HN9460) along with DNS caching, enable fast Web browsing.
HNS9460 Complete Hardware Kit with :
1W BUC and
74 Cms Dish – US$ 535
98 Cms Dish – US$ 629

2W BUC and
74 Cms Dish – US$ 545
98 Cms Dish – US$ 665

YahClick Service Plans & Pricing

Plan Name
Monthly download allowance (GB) Price per month (US$) Fap Token Price (US$)
5GB 2,048 256 5 $ 49.00 $ 20.00
10GB 2,048 512 10 $ 90.00 $ 35.00
20GB 5,120 768 20 GB $ 165.00 $ 65.00
30GB 5,120 1,024 30GB $ 248.00 $ 90.00
50GB 7,168 1,024 50 GB $ 413.00 $ 135.00
100GB 7,268 1,536 100 GB $ 825.00 $ 270.00
  • The package comes with true 30 Day window (no rolling window) with a fixed anniversary date (account commissioned date)

  • Monthly download allowance valid for 30 days.
  • Above Pricing is "reseller pricing " and not End User Pricing.
  • User can consume as much or as little of the total allowance as required, without any daily or weekly limitation

  • The total monthly allowance consists of the download allowance

  • The FAP reset token will reset the equivalent volume of one week (1/4) of the plan’s download allowance

  • Upload volumes will still be free of charge

  • Off-peak traffic will still be free of charge during free zone timeframe (between 1am to 6am local beam time)


YahClick's Ka band Satellite internet is available in the following countries :

South Africa
South Sudan ( Juba)

Saudi Arabia


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