Testimonials and feedback from clients using Wafa's Satellite internet services on Ka , Ku and C Band over Africa, Afghanistan , South America & Middle East

Testimonials from clients using Wafa's satellite internet services worldwide

From:Robert Kwak, Afghanistan, Satellite Internet System
Sent:Friday, February 15, 2013 1:27 AM

Wafa is one of the best way for soldiers to keep in touch with their family. Great assistance on installing satellite. Wafa staffs are approachable and hardworking people.

I want to say thank you. The speed of internet is way better than afghan commercial one for same price.

Robert Kwak


From:Tracy Trosper , Camp Dwyer,Afghanistan, Satellite Internet System
Sent:Tuesday, February 12, 2013 9:36 AM

Thank you for all of the assistance and quick response time in activating my Satellite Internet System. I am totally Satisfied with the system it is fast and reliable.

Tracy Trosper


From:SSG Chappell, Eric C 321 EN CO ,FOB Kunduz Afghanistan, Satellite Internet System
Sent:Monday, February 11, 2013 5:11 PM

The service has been Very Good, The equipment was delivered extremely fast within a week's time the setup was very easy and took only a few hours.

SSG Chappell, Eric C
321 EN CO
FOB Kunduz AFG


From:Modibbo Baba , Nigeria, Satellite Internet System - YahClick - Ka Band
Sent:Monday, January 21, 2013 7:37 PM

A big thumbs up to Wafa Crew, dedicated and friendly support team, a very fast and committed service. YahClick amazing bandwidth, dollar-to-dollar value, a Big thank you to them for their dedicated support during the site commissioning.

Modibbo Baba


From:World Mission Agency, Africa, using Hughes HX Satellite Internet System - Ku Band
Sent:Tuesday, December 18, 2012 9:08 PM

We were introduced to Wafa by one of our members who saw how we used to struggle with our Internet / web operations in the office. We contacted Wafa. The first impression was the prompt of response to every enquiry, clarification or questions.

Since we subscribed to Wafa, we have alway had it good in our web operations and the service being rendered without any problems, it is of world class. Every single dollar is always justified and the team of staffs have been very wonderful people. They are very professional in their approach. Kudos to Wafa and it's team of staff. Please keep it up.

World Mission Agency, Africa


From:Tim Ames ,FOB PASAB, Afghanistan, Satellite Internet System - Ka Band
Sent:Thursday, December 13, 2012 6:10 PM

The WafaNet Freedom 100 package was exactly what our team needed to stay connected to home. Commercial wireless services that were already available in our area were nearly twice as expensive as Wafa's service costs (when split amongst us), and the speed and bandwidth they offer can't even begin to compare.

I had our system up and running in a few hours, and that evening we had four Skype calls running simultaneously with no degradation. I'd highly recommend that anyone looking to order locally provided services perform a thorough cost-analysis first, because I really can't think of a more affordable or customizable service.

Tim Ames
FOB PASAB, Afghanistan


From:Daniel Wegman , Afghanistan, using FreedomSat's HugheNet Ka band system
Sent:Wednesday, November 07, 2012 6:21 PM

I would say that the Ka band system is more than 3 times faster and cost less than half of my old satellite system.

Daniel Wegman


From:Ryan Pomicter , Afghanistan, using FreedomSat's HugheNet Ka band system
Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2012 2:25 PM


I am currently deployed with the Marines to Afghanistan and I signed up for the Freedom 120 plan with the new Ka band Hughesnet HN9200 system and a 0.74m dish. So far I have been very pleased with the service. Sales team did a great job in explaining all the package plans and setting it up. We have a group of 11 and we don't know how long we will be in country, so we wanted a short term contract. We were able to work out a 3 month contract at a very resonable price.

Shipping took about 7-8 days to recieve the satellite. It came in 4 boxes via Fed-Ex and it had no missing parts. Assembly was easy and I was able to link up to the satellite that day. We did not use a DAPT meter or squinter for installation and we were still able to get good signal strenghts. Initial speeds were a little slow, but with Jon's technical assistance we were able to tweak the speed up higher. Now our Skype runs great and the latency with the Ka band is way less than previous satellites. Youtube movies download flawlessly without having to buffer. Customer service and technical service has been wonderful.

Overall I am very pleased with Wafa and I look forward to working with them in the future.

best regards
Ryan Pomicter


From:Leo Hathaway , Afghanistan, using FreedomSat's Freedom HN Ka Band system
Sent: Saturday, October 06, 2012 12:31 PM

Dear All

Wafa Internet Solutions has been a great experience and has delivered on everything they have promised. I am at a remote FOB in Afghanistan and even being so remote I was able to receive the entire system and get it set up and running, Customer support was great and answered all of my questions VERY QUICKLY!!!

The system itself is much smaller than I am used to, it was very easy to install and if U follow the directions pointing the antenna was a breeze. I was very impressed how quickly I was able to acquire a signal and got the system locked on.

All in all I am very satisfied with doing business with Wafa and have already suggested it to one of my friends.

Leo Hathaway


From: Robert Watts,Task Force Sword Civilian Internet Authority ,Afghanistan
Sent:Friday, June 22, 2012 04:25 PM

Dear Wafa

My name is Robert Watts and I am the President of the "Task Force Sword Civilian Internet Authority." We were hoping to take over the Task Force Hammer account after discussions with Steven Solka regarding the excellent service they received from Wafa.

We are prepared to begin making payments at the beginning of July with the goal of maintaining uninterrupted service.
Thank you for your time and consideration

Robert Watts


From: Girma Kassa ,Sudan (Africa)
Sent:Monday, June 13, 2011 01:18 PM
2 C Band Idirect Systems -

Dear Wafa

I am happy to write this witness about the WAFA technologies sales and support team. At the beginning when I request information about sales, the sales team responded to me in a minute time giving full information about the products and services, which has surprised me. And they were giving me the fastest possible answer for all inquires that I have during that time.

As I was new to VSAT installation and configurations, I was forced to query them so many questions regarding technical parameters and some configurations. The WAFA team gave me also the best possible advices and supports during installation and configurations. They were keen to respond me in a good way. Now everything is working fine and I would like to appreciate those guys for their help and support. Now I understand why they are having so many clients, it would be because the care support



From: Steven Solka,Afghanistan
Sent:Thursday, May 12, 2011 01:16 PM
2 Dual 4000 Client -

Dear Wafa

Please consider this note to be a recommendation for the services and equipment that your company provided. We are an organization in Afghanistan that procured internet goods and monthly service from Wafa Technical Systems Services.

From the time we received the equipment and were able to set up the system, the service provided has been very good. There have been no problems or issues that we encountered that affected our computers.

Any technical questions that we had were promptly answered and were easily understood. I am confident in recommending your company to others that may need your services


From: Collado,PedroAfghanistan
Sent:Tuesday, March 01, 2011 12.25 PM

Dear Wafa

I wish you say thank you for all your support from all the Soldiers here in Afghanistan. Because the internet connection via the satellite we can now talk to our love ones back home.

I have Soldier that have not spoken to love one for weeks, but now stay in touch constantly. The morale is high and we are very grateful for allowing us to use your services.

Again thank you so much for your outstanding tech support and customer service.


From: Chris DeaverAfghanistan
Sent:Tuesday, May 12, 2010 12.15 PM
2 Dual 4000 Client -

WAFA Company,

I would like to pass along how impressed we are with the service we received from the sales and technical services form WAFA. We ordered a Satellite Internet Hughes X50 from WAFA and received the equipment with two days of purchase.

To coordinate delivery to such a remote location in such a short time is a great feat in itself. The next hurdle was the installation of the equipment. With the coordination with the WAFA team over chat we were given specific intstructions on how to set up and load software needed for the modem to function properly.

After another day of troubleshooting and resetting the modem we were able to obtain the required signal strength and passed our technical data to WAFA. The next day by lunch time our service was activated and we were surfing the net with a more than fast connection capability. We owe the success of having this communication capability available to the dedicated members of the WAFA team and I whole heartedly recommend them to anyone looking for service in the region.


From: Steven Richardson,Afghanistan
Sent:Tuesday, May 12, 2010 12.15 PM
To whom it may concern:

Hello ,

I have no reservations whatsoever with Wafa. They were very friendly with me before the process. I was VERY tentative because of the problems we had with another Pakistani company while stationed at Sharana. So I therefore had many questions for Wafa. Kamal was very helpful in allaying any fears I had. When I received the equipment, Anshul Gupta was very helpful and approachable with setup. I strongly recommend purchasing a satellite meter to fine tune the signal (you can google and buy one).

Since being in operation, for two months now, there have been some minor problems with the hub (not on our side but with the satellite or in UAE). Wafa was diligent in apprising me of the situation and it was quickly resolved. I’ve enjoyed my service and the easy method of payment online.

I would STRONGLY recommend using this reputable company. They are trustworthy and customer service oriented.

Steven Richardson


From: Chris DeaverAfghanistan
Sent:Sunday, May 02, 2010 11.02 AM
2 Dual 4000 Client -

WAFA Company,

I wanted to thank you for the awesome support and service from your company. We struggled to find a reliable company to provide our internet needs in a combat zone and we are very pleased we found you. You informed us every step of the way where the equipment was located during shipment and it arrived quickly. Upon arrival of the equipment you sent us information on how to align the satellite and the data to enter into the modem. We had the system up and running the same day we received the equipment!! You even allowed us a demo to see the difference from the service we purchased and the premium package.

Mr. Anshul was very helpful and prompt in answering our questions. We are very delighted with the service and the quick customer service. Its very easy and convenient to use PayPal to make our monthly payments. I have recommended Wafa to two other units and one has purchased the system. Our antennas are 15 feet apart. I'm confident the second unit will also purchase the system based on our recommendations. I have no reservations in recommending your company and service to other soldiers.

Steven Richardson


From:Jayme Besse ,Afghanistan
Sent:Monday, April 19, 2010 7:03 PM
To whom it may concern:


I appreciate all of your patience. I feel that I have enough information to present it to the soldiers with their options. Based upon your consistancy in contacting me back ... I feel pretty confident in saying that we will be buying from your company.

All of the other companies I have contacted have been impossible to contact , and the ones that did contact me had no knowledge of the equipment that they were selling. Thank you again and you should be hearing back from me within the next few weeks

Jayme Besse


From:Doughlas Weinert ,Afghanistan
Sent:Saturday, March 27, 2010 2:50 PM
To whom it may concern:

Hello Gentlemen,

I ordered my Vsat through Wafa.Prior to purchasing i had emailed their sales department with over 200 emails before i made my final decision. Once i had sent the payment it was a matter of days before it arrived. They manage to put me in touch with someone who had my Vsat delivered on a chinook in 2-3 days. The system was easy to setup and their Support team helped me every step of the way. I had a major problem with my connection speeds at first. I emailed them stating what was wrong. I instantly got an email back saying they would look into the issue and resolve it, and they did just that. I cant even count the amount of hours and resources they used to make sure my site was operational.

My Vsat still runs into a very few ocassional problems but it only takes a few emails to resolve the problem. I encourage anyone thinking of ordering a satellite system to go through Wafa. They have been a HUGE help and i cannot thank them enough. Wafa may be a company but i will always think of them and their support team as friends. Always there, through the thick and thin.

Douglas Weinert


From:James Bishop ,Iraq
Sent:Thursday, Feb 17, 2010 3:51 PM
To whom it may concern:

Hello Gentlemen,

I will like to express my appreciation for your quick response concerning the consumption of my bandwidth. You responded almost instantaneously, and even provided usable and realistic suggestions for me and my associates on how to lower bandwidth our usage.

Mr. Shahnawaz even provided a monitoring system for our daily, weekly and even monthly usage. I really appreciate your genuine concern for your clients and I will definitely be a longtime and loyal customer.

James Bishop
Once again, thank you.


From:Coffman SFC Michael J ,Afghanistan
Sent:Thursday, Nov 26 , 2009 13:06 PM
To whom it may concern:

As a new customer to WAFA I would like to thank your company on the overall satisfactory service we have received in the past few weeks. From first contacting you until we had the system setup the service was expedient.

The only small problem arose when the group of us was informed by one of our reps and/or yourselves the difference in price and what we paid; once we investigated the situation it came out pretty good. The contents arrived fairly quickly with no damaged parts.Again, overall I would definitely refer WAFA to other prospective customers.

Once again, thank you.


From:Nasser, GM.Telecommunication ,Afghanistan
Sent:Wednesday, July 01, 2009 11:06 AM
To whom it may concern:

Hope this finds you well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all at BW for your continues support and commitment and for providing us with the best cost effective solutions. After performing tests on the new HX platform on T11, we are happy to inform you that the results are excellent and the reliability is also excellent. We have tried the system in heavy rainy conditions and we never faced any disconnections.

The modem locks back in 20 seconds after any power failure, and browsing is as smooth and fast as any normal DSL line. We have only had the system installed for testing for 6 days, and already have sold and installed several systems. Well done, keep it going !

Once again, thank you.


From:S. Hakim Hamdani D.K German Clinic Afghanistan
Sent:Sunday, June 15, 2009 11:06 AM
To whom it may concern:

Our decision to procure our uplink from WAFA was made on the basis of a recommendation from a business associate who had already made good experiences in using their services. We approached WAFA with our rather complex needs and were met with friendly, helpful efforts to ensure that we could make an informed decision in switching providers. Even though our efforts to get the hardware set up were fraught with difficulties for some weeks, we managed, with the kind held of the WAFA support team, to get things up and working smoothly. We did not procure this uplink just to have fast browsing capabilities. We run several mission-critical network services on our local network, some of which we export to the outside world and WAFA's dedication and commitment to adhere to international standards ensured that the actual transition was smooth and pain-free.

We can wholeheartedly recommend WAFA as an internet provider because they not only deliver what they advertise, but also because their support is second-to-none. As someone with twenty plus years of ICT experience, I personally have to say that it is a great pleasure working with them, for when you pick up the phone or send an email to resolve an issue, you are put in touch with someone who actually knows what they are talking about and is able to meet the customer's needs. Efficiently, swiftly and professionally. Especially given the difficulties in procuring reliable uplinks here in Afghanistan, I can say that WAFA was the key to our success in finally having hassle-free, always-on connectivity, no matter what form the data to be transferred might take. Two big thumbs up for WAFA!


From:Charles Hillyer,Afghanistan
Sent:Wednesday, June 03, 2009 12:20 PM
Thank you for the information and the good customer support. I have already made up my mind for my next deployment that I will use Wafa as a service provider.


From:Peter Klawitter,Afghanistan
Sent:Monday, Feb 02, 2009 10:15 AM
We have been in Afghanistan for 4 years, and have almost tried all internet providers for this region, but WAFA’s service, connectivity and reliability of service is absolutely great.


From:Matthew Custer, U.S. Army,Iraq
Sent:Thursday, June 19, 2008 4:48 PM
You guys at WAFA have been great! The delivery was prompt and the customer service is excellent! Setup was a little difficult without a satellite specialist, but we managed it ok after getting all the documentation. For future customers you might provide them with all the necessary documentation immediately so they can print it out before receiving their satellite dish. Your customer service though was excellent! All I need now are prices for unlimited bandwidth services! Thanks Kamal and Cuth!


From:Coke Turman, US Army,Iraq
Sent:Saturday, May 31, 2008 9:48 AM
The staff at Wafa has been very friendly and supportive from the first time I emailed them inquiring about their services and equipment up to every time there is the smallest amount of information to pass on to their customers. They have always been there. I researched a lot of satellite providers and Wafa was by far the best choice for service and customer support. I would recommend Wafa to everyone.


From:Chris Reilly, US Army,Iraq
Sent:Wednesday, May 21, 2008 10:33 AM
To whom it may concern:


My name is Chris Reilly. I recently purchased an Internet Satellite system. I had been in the market for a couple of months not really sure on which plan or service to go with. After talking with several friends and associates, I settled on WAFA. I was never let down by the choice. From the start, the customer support was second to none. Kamal, the sales associate was extremely helpful in providing me with information and answers to any question I might have had. He always made sure to respond to any of my emails within the hour. When all was figured out what system I was going to get.

Kamal made the order process as simple as he could. He was very straight forward and honest. With in no time (aprox. 9 days) I had my satellite system. When the packages arrived, a Technical Support Representative was given to me to answer any questions I might have, I had a lot. Cuth, the TSR was very understanding and patient. He worked very closely with me. If I had a question about the satellite location or the way the dish was setup, I could just take a picture and send it to him. He would then promptly respond with further instructions. I have now had my system up and running for about three days and have no complaints at all. I would gladly recommend the Wafa products and services to all.

A Completely Satisfied Customer